The Blender Python Export Script

This Python export script dumps everything having to do with 3D models to a readable external text file. It does not export animation data or information on cameras, lights, or other scene features that are not themselves part of your 3D models. At the moment, the script does not look to see what has been selected in the Blender interface--it always exports everything in the the entire .blend file. This goes fairly quickly, even for large models, and relies on the File Splitter to split all the 3D elements up into separate files for individual Jet objects in individual Indexed Mesh files.

Last updated: 12/01/2001


09/08/30: The script contains a lot of testing and debugging information that should come out eventually, but is useful at this stage of the game. This is a Version 2.12+ script using the API that Jan Walter developed while he worked for NaN. At this point, it is not clear whether we should change it back to the older API or not.

09/23/01: Added the following features to the export script

Known Problems:


I have not yet succeeded in setting up a full SourceForge project, but I do have a zip file containing the files for this portion of the project. You can download the file here. Note: this is a WinZip file, not a UNIX zip format.