The Jet Resource File Viewer

This application reads Auran Jet *.IM Indexed Mesh files, *.PM Progressive Mesh files, or *.KIN Animation files and displays them in a readable format with all values labeled and formatted for easy reading. It also displays any file in a simple hex dump format to provide exact information on the value of any file at any point in the file.

Last updated: 12/01/2001


This application seems to be fairly stable with version 100, 101, and 102 *.IM, *.PM, and *.KIN file formats with the exception of the Version 1.01 PMIN chunk in the current *.PM files (which Auran has not yet released). The hex dump format, which is not subject to file format changes, is quite stable.

09/09/01: Restructured the MFC project files for this application to no longer expect MFC help facilities. It should now compile directly from the unzipped files.

10/18/01: Expanded to now include Jet animation files (*.KIN) and progressive mesh files (*.PM) using version 1.00 formats.

Known Problems:


I have not yet succeeded in setting up a full SourceForge project, but I do have a zip file containing the files for this portion of the project. You can download the files here. Note: this is a WinZip file, not a UNIX zip format. It contains pretty much the whole development project, which will be most useful to other developers.


This is a pretty simple program!

You can see most of the new V1.02 data with descriptions. What you will not see are properties in the MATL chuck after the new material name. I haven't found any of these in the demo files yet, so the code is completely untested (read "won't work"). Look carefully at the GEOM chunks, there are V1.01 and V1.02 versions that are both new since Beta2, and they are different.

Please let me know when you find bugs. I'm trying to get this out as soon as possible to share with everybody interested, so it has not been exhaustively test yet (read "mostly works"). In particular, let me know if you find any properties in the MATL chunks.