The Auran Jet Resource Utilities Project

(project: jetresourceutil)

This is an updated home page that reflects the somewhat expanded structure of this project.

Note: This site contains significant amounts of new material, and as of this writing there are still significant gaps in this web site that we still need to fill in. The expanded site is definitely Under Construction.

Last updated: 12/01/2001


The primary objective of this project is to provide a common location for members of the Auran Jet development community to share ideas, resources, and code in an effort to expand the available tools available to the community as a whole.


The original effort was to provide Jet resource creation paths for 3D content editors other than 3DS Max and Maya (which are provided with the Jet application). Look at the Resource Tools page for more information on these projects.

Subsequent work has added to the original Jet Jive class framework to produce actual Scenario Editors that can create general game environments or perhaps more specific environment types for specific game types. Look at the Scenario Tools page for more information on these projects.

Additional work has been started to create tools, class frameworks, and other game resources for specific types of games. See the RPG Tools page for more information on RPG game development.

Finally, see the Site Documentation page for detailed information on how this site is organized, and how you may be able to join the site and set up your own development environment to work with the rest of us to provide a richer Auran Jet development environment.