Using Blender to Create Jet 3D Resources

This project contains a number of utilities and scripts to export Blender 3D objects using the Blender Python API, and to format the exported data into Jet Indexed Mesh (*.IM) resource files.

Last Updated: 12/01/2001


Auran's standard exporter works only with 3DS Max and Maya, which are fairly expensive tools, especially for hobbyists and niche game developers. Blender is a somewhat quirky but most interesting product which creates excellent models and, at the time of this writing, is free as a download.

Note: most of these utilities are written in Microsoft Visual C++ V6.0, and run only in the Windows environment. The Blender export script is written in Python, and should run on any version of Blender.

Current problems revolve around the facts that:

Note that the point of this project so far has been to experiment with these files to see what we can do. Therefore, these utilities are definitely not in a final polished form yet, and they often sacrifice elegance for expediency. We can fix them up where appropriate, of course, after they become useful.


Initially, this project works with the following components:

Note: I have not yet gotten the CVS system set up on SourceForge, but the source for all these components is available through downloadable zipped source files on this site's pages.

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